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The king of all the douches. Preferably male, the doucheking rules all of doucheland with a halfclamped iron fist. The peasants of doucheland always have and always will want to overthrough their king because they are douches too, but they all wish to be the biggest douche of them all.
Douche 1: I am the biggest douche in all the land! Douche 2: Dude he is such a douche! Lets make him king! Douche 3: We'll call him the doucheking!
by jimmykabob101 January 02, 2012
One who exceeds the limits of douchebaggery
John: Dude! You smoked all ten pounds of my weed!

Gabe: uhhh.... no i didn't

John: Gabe your the motherfucking douche king

Gabe: tehe
by joe knight July 07, 2008

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