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The pinnacle of douchebaggery.
Guy #1: I think steve stole my regular NES.
Guy #2: Yeah, that guy is a total douchecopter.
by Corey Johnsen April 01, 2007
A helicopter that is made of douche.

It is usually used to describe someone who is a total bag of douche.
"Thanks for drinking my last beer you fucking DOUCHE-COPTER!"
by Legit Ballin AKA The Prophecy March 07, 2010
Someone who has the rare ability to drop a douchey comment in even the most remote of conversations
That guy was such a douchecopter he managed to insult us from the other side of this crowded auditorium.
by Bassrabi January 30, 2011
a) A person who draws pictures of penis's all day and who sucks ass at pretty much everything. A dude who should pretty much just go die.

b) A helicopter filled with douche.
"Fuck you Larry you are such a Fucking Douchecopter."

"He's got Douchecopter's flying out his ass."
by BranDun the Awesome May 05, 2008

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