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The post art school dormitory, hipster parade, fuschia loving neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York that was formerly known as Williamsburg.
I saw your stupid ex-boyfriend in Union Square today rocking stretch jeans, sporting a faux-hawk, and not talking to his tiny Asian girlfriend but he was listening to the Arcade Fire so loud on his ipod i guess he didn't notice me. He rolled down and hopped the L home to Doucheburg and prolly The Royal Oak for the birthday party du jour.
by Chevron Lucite December 03, 2005
A douchebag who hides the majority of his/her douchebaginess under the surface. Less than 10% of his/her douchebaginess is showing at any time, but much more lies beneath.
"Dude, Steve was trying to guilt trip me again."
"He's such a doucheburg, you don't even know."
by Apollo Firestar November 12, 2009