The swampy mess where the residue of hundreds of used douches collect
'Jack is such s douche bog. You mean douche bag, no he's worse. His amount of douche makes a bog not a standard back
by adamsgone April 17, 2011
1) A neighborhood with a high concentration of douchebags. See also: Allston, Williamsburg, and The Mission District of SF.

2) The residence of a douchebag.
Guy 1:Allston is a shithole; you can't walk without tripping over an emaciated PBR chugging trust-funder wearing a ratty hoodie and skinny jeans.

Guy 2: Yeah, it's a Douchebog.

Passing hipster: *drinks PBR, vomits on self*
by feral nerd August 19, 2008
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