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a group of douchebags (mostly football players and cheerleaders) who stand in the middle of the hallway with absolutely nothing better to do during passing periods at school.
i walk out of my calculus class 30 seconds after the bell rings and theres a douchebarge sitting in the hallway

teacher: why are you late
me: sorry, there was a douchebarge in front of the door, so i had to take the long way around
by silverdevils17 May 24, 2011
A means of nautical conveyance for someone who is so overwhelmingly douchy that their douchiness requires a fucking barge to get from point a-to-point-wherever-the-fuck-else.

The word of the year for 2011 and 2010 (retroactively).
OMG! I hooked-up with John Mayer after his show last night and instead of fucking me all he did was eat my ass for an hour! I'm chapped as fuck! What a DOUCHEBARGE!
by Kitchy-koo January 15, 2011