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A location or place that has a large preponderance of douchebags.
John: Wow, I have met so many Douchbags in this town already.

Adam: I know man, they are everywhere in this city. You will get used to it.

John: Orlando is a Douchebagnet!
by J Bone August 15, 2006
A girl who repeatedly allows douchebags into her life.
"Ick. Holly sure picked another winner."
"Yep. She's a real douchebagnet."
by llbean27 January 09, 2010
The combination of douchebag and magnet.
a girl who naturally attracts the douchiest of men unintentionally is labeled as a douchebagnet.
by poopshooter July 14, 2012
One who attracts douche bags.
Susan is always attracting losers...what a douche bagnet
by Anonymous Douche Bagnet September 25, 2010