Top Definition
The act, or process, of being a douchebag. Similar to shenanigans.
My friends and I went out last night and french-toasted this guy's car, and engaged in other such douchebaggitry
by Hodge329 September 18, 2008
The act of practicing Douchebagarry. Being a total Douche bag A.K.A. Silly fucking ass hole with no concern for the feeling or needs of others.Whom also enjoys doing thing that are mainly outdated or totally unfit for him.
Example 1
Person1: You see what Mike is doing to Rosanna?
Person 2: Yeah that is total Douchebaggitry !!!!
Person 1: Mike said he had work today and couldn't pick up his kid. Turns out it was a playoff game for football.
Person 2: That is total Douchebaggitry !!!!
by Takerthephenom June 18, 2010
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