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(dōōsh) (bāg) (gŏg'əls) -Noun: Any of the generic faux retro bug eyed sunglasses including it's close cousin aviators. Perennial fashion favorite of the uncreative follower and their favorite celebrities, Douchebag Goggles always come into fashion when a very few - and honestly cool people - choose to sport them, with legions of mindless automatons buying them up in the wake of their ascension. May be stated as the covert acronym DBG to avoid alerting those not in the know. Alternatively, you'll need this covert acronym because everyone and your soccer mom are wearing them.
Dave: I went to the store yesterday and it seemed like no one got the memo that wearing sunglasses indoors makes you a big bag of tools.

Sam: I bet they were all sporting Douchebag Goggles.

Dave: You know all those Blue Steel-ing motherfuckers were.
by Retard Yoke July 16, 2009

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