one who is lame.
or just another stupid comeback :]
shut up you douche licker.

oooh, dis.
by Nihoe. May 19, 2007
Top Definition
One who licks douches :-)
Hey, Eric!! Lick this douche (Eric "Yummmy" )
by Justin February 26, 2005
someone that licks used douches
dude you are such a douchelicker!
by yomoma12234 January 09, 2010
a douche licker is a person who is incredibly annoying,rude,a user, and just plain mean.
cody is a complete douche licker.
by allieisawsome October 06, 2008
The act of licking douches
Dude 1: I hate the Cardinals
Dude 2: I too hate them, especially that douche licker Albert Pujols
by Pat October 30, 2004
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