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A douche magouche a person that brings the word douche bag to the ultimate extreme. A person that has gone above and beyond to show that he is not worthy of any kind of relationship whether it be social or romantic. This person has tried to fool others into thinking that he is an honest person and true to his word but he is a FAILURE!
My ex boyfriend is a complete Douche Magouche.
by amberwambertamber November 21, 2010
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Being a super douche. Used especially towards cape codders.
" Pat, quit being a douche magouche and just suck my dick dry" screamed Ben
by Albert Johnson1 April 14, 2011
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Wash my filthy Vagina
When a vagina is so dirty it needs help
That girl is so dutty...she calls the sanitation dept and asks for the Douche Ma Gouche.
by Soca C March 25, 2013
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