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A hardened yeast deoposit in a used douche bag.
Sally has a bag full of douche cookies.

That guy is a total douche cookie.
by David Klein September 16, 2005
nick williams also known as a firecrotch
nick is such a douchecookie!
#nick #jordan floyd #faggs like yooh #retards #nd stuffs
by blondeness May 12, 2009
The defintion of douche cookie is rather simple, it is basicly the same as calling someone a duche bag.

A duche cookie can also be used to describe the remnints of douching.
In this senario, Jack is a senior in high school that plays Uno and Magic at lunch in the cafiteria for fun. Sierra is a pretty popular girl who thinks Jack is pathetic.

Sierra: "God Jack, whats your problem, your such a little fucking douche cookie!"
#dushe cookie #uno #magic #douche #cookie #duchebag #douche bag
by LucidNightmare July 21, 2010
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