hey have you seen douchecanoe today?" "yeah, adam is over there
by eitak yalbmert October 03, 2010
When two lovers either of opposite sexes or bi-sexuals decide to make intercourse in a canoe and they are total douches.
Two loving douches (male and female) walk about and they decided to go and make love in a canoe. Afterwards, they called themselves douche canoes.
by JoeZii September 25, 2010
A hat worn by an abnormally large douche bag. Usually an Ed Hardy hat or an old man hat worn by anyone under the age of 60.
Look at all those assholes in their douche canoes.
by First Mate Shrivelnuts September 11, 2009
A sport style motorcycle. Known as a sport bike or crotch rocket.
Some nozzle planted his douche canoe into an oak tree just off the main drag.
by bob h boberson April 21, 2008
Vagina, because the inner lips of a spread vulva form a shape resembling a canoe, and... the rest is obvious. Also used as a generic, fun-sounding term of insult in any context where one might use the word "cunt", "pussy", "twat", etc.
John said he was going to come out last night and help us TP the neighbor's yard, but he chickened out and didn't show. He's such a douchecanoe.
by Wango Zango July 01, 2011
Canoe thats douchish


A dumbass
Thats a nice douchecanoe in the water..


Wow jon youre a douchecanoe.
by Thatngatylerrr August 01, 2006
Douche: object for cleaning a womans vagina.

Canoe: Small boat.

Douche Canoe: Small boat full of douches. OR! A person who should be insulted in a vulgar, yet confusing way.
Person 1: Dude, you ate my last Twinkie! You douche canoe!

Person 2: Huh? What did you just call me...?
by Amroc January 13, 2008

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