Synonym for a Kayak. A manual powered boat for douchebags who drive around with their kayaks on top of their car to let everyone know how outdoorsy they are, and how much money they plopped down for an oversized bath toy that they will use three to five times before trying to sell it on Craigslist for 90% of what they paid for it.

Not to be confused with the last name of the actress who played Faith on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
At summer camp, you paddle around the lake on a canoe. Once you become a yuppie prick, you must drive around with a Kayak strapped to the top of your subaru outback. You are said to be transporting your douche canoe, because you have a boat and you are a douche.
by Lieutenant Buzzkill August 30, 2010
a giant group of assholes, generally flaming one person for posting something stupid on a forum. long after the thread should have died.

the culmination of a group of douche rockets, possibly practicing douche rocketry.
well im glad to see this thread has turned into a douche canoe.
by cmz II January 07, 2008
A douche that wants to be a canoe, so that it will be floating and not sinking in its own stupidity.
You fucking douchecanoe.
by TheFeatheredCap August 13, 2011
A term relative to that of douche bag but instead this term implies that you are in fact a canoe filled with fat old lady douche.
I couldn't believe that Jack would be such a massive douche canoe and tell my girlfriend that I was playing her.
by Steve Calakious March 03, 2010
The worst kid of douche imaginable.

This phrase originating in the small college town of Hanover, NH and has spread like wildfire due mostly to its fluid phonetics.
1. Is that douche canoe popping triple collars?
2. Yeah, that douche canoe bragged about blacking out last night when he'd only had 2 beers.
3. I fucking hate those douche canoes.
by Stigmata. September 24, 2006
Bigger than a douche bag. So big infact that you need your own lake and paddle!!!
Kevin was so stupid that he was upgraded to a douche canoe.
by phenix_247 September 09, 2009
When douche bags were created back in the 19th century, travelers would carry cargo fulls of this luxury. Eventually the Native Americans would start transporting these douche bags, canoes full, to the people of the United States. So the dirty vaginas of the 19th Century were be relieved by these shipments. These shipments became necessities to the "partners" of those filthy vaginas that the "partners" would be so relieved they would yell, "Hey look, its a DOUCHE CANOE!".
Person A: Man, I heard Calvin lost his job.

Person B: Really, what does he do now?
Person A: Still a Douche Canoer.
by mr. politically correcto. July 04, 2009
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