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an enormous backpack, or purse.
adriel's backpack
by B.M.STAR December 10, 2003
5 38
someone who is so retarded and needs to be told because they are a stupid fuck
you are a douchebag
by Ashley January 31, 2004
20 60
Someone who is incredibly stupid or idiotic.
Dude1: Press the button.
Dude2: There isn't a button there.
Dude1: I'm staring straight at it you fucking douchebag!!!
by N4TH4N November 27, 2005
16 59
What terror is.
Terror is a douche bag because he irritates my face.
by Muad July 22, 2003
3 51
you're smart, EXTREMELY funny, and the best part is that u treat girls with respect.
"Hey, I don't like you because you're a douchebag!"

by Pervis Ellis April 01, 2007
10 59
A liberal person, such as Michael Moore, that will use slander and propaganda to get their points across, because they are such a douchebag.
These people are douchebags: Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, Howard Dean, Al Franken....
by Brian Borba December 21, 2005
62 113