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1. Similar to a douchebag, except their tendancy is be an absolute prick is not of their own doing. They are most likely a prick because they think it is cool, or it will make them popular.
2. A prick who is also a tool.
I could call you a douchebag, or I could call you a puppet. Sir, you are both; you fucking douche muppet.
by Matty.C April 29, 2005
a character that is not only unintentionally hilarious in appearance (read: proportions) but also retains all the characteristics attributed to the northwestern douche (see: douche)
holy fucking shit, so i'm waiting for the bus and this total douchemuppet pops up out of nowhere, scaring the LIVING SHIT out of me, and starts going off on how bush is the greatest president we've ever had while SIMULTANEOUSLY hitting me up for change. i mean seriously, wtf
by not jim henson September 28, 2008

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