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Douche Bagger Vance is a derogatory term referring to a golfer who is always talking a big game and/or representing himself as better then he actually is. Derived from the Will Smith golfing movie Bagger Vance.
Matt: Steve told me he shot a 68 yesterday
Tom: I was there, he shot a 94
Matt: Wow, that guy is a real Douche Bagger Vance
by Joker25 December 13, 2007
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1)Someone who does not perform well on the golf course, due to being hungover

2)Someone who performs general douchebaggery on the golf course and thinks they are good but they are not.
1) Jeremy: "How did you play?"
Danny: "Like Douchebagger Vance"
Jeremy: "Thats a bummer man."

2) Jeremy: "How was golf?"
Danny: "Some Douchebagger Vance kept hitting into people and taking forever to hit a 5 yard shot!"
Jeremy: "Thats a bummer man."
by Doodle Bugs August 03, 2006
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