A stupid asshole concerned with stupid shit, hense douch bag. Someone who is so concerned with themselves, so much so, that they don't see they don't just undermine everyone else, but themselves as well.
That douch bag at the club with all the bling around his neck and sporting the newest fad kept making creepy passes all night. He does not see the girls all left and he screwed all the other guys’ including himself.

That slutty girl at the club has two kids and a husband at home and would rather shake her ass, what a douch bag. She does not see her kids will grow up to hate her and her husband will eventually leave her.

A douch bag professional athlete snubs and/or insults fans. He does not see that he is screwing over his fellow athletes, his fans, and eventually himself.

A successful business man fusses over his car, his suit, clothes, house, and/or jewellery. The doch bag cares nothing for his children, his wife, his community, or people at work. Then he has the balls to complain his wife cheats, his kids are losers, his car continually gets vandalized, and everyone at work is trying to get him fired.
by stellarstyle September 02, 2010
Someone who sees the value of a system but decides to operate outside it for their own selfish reasons.
I ran from the cops and crashed my motorcycle into your yard man! I acted like SUCH a douchbag! (true story)
by drkull May 20, 2012
a term commonly used to refer to the ex-husband.
My ex is such a douch bag. I never know which of his multiple girlfriends he'll bring to our daughter's soccer games or concerts. He's often known to bring two at a time. Even once he brought his current wife AND two girlfriends. Douch bag.
by The ex-wife/baby mama June 12, 2010
A whimpy or weak kid, usually used to refer to a whimpy or weak boy who does not have balls.
Edwin is a douchbag!
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
Male: Ed Hardy (or Abercombie) t-shirt wearing, studed rhinestone pocket jeans, white sunglases at night clubs, unibrow, hair bushing out of their shirts, armpit smelling STD guy with bad breath who chases you around and thinks they are a stud!

Female:Loud, trying not to have a unibrow, obnoxious skanky fat whore with half her fat ass hanging out creating drama where it is unneeded while pretending to be a good girl for mom and dad while she spreads her STDs all over town. AKA Kardashian.

Both Male and Female are full of shit (themselves), hence douch bag. Both Male and Female need to douch themselves. Both Male and Female love to reproduce other little potential douch bags that will follow in thier douch bag steps.
One could say, "Hey Kardashian, stop Kardashianing yourself around.

However, a better sentence frame would be, "Hey douch bag, stop Douch'n yourself around."

Synonyms are: douche bag, kardashian bag, shit bag, turd sandwich, sack of shit, and my personal favorite half brain dead circus monkey

by petitions/no-more-kardashian on Nov 15, 2011
by petitions/no-more-kardashian November 15, 2011
when someone attaches numerous summer breeze douch's to a plastic bag.
forgy was and still is a douchbag.
by brain....less March 26, 2004

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