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1) Anything that is awesome, impressive, gangster, and generally positive.

2) An outburst used upon triumph
"Did you see Steven's new shoes? They're so Double G!"

"I just nutmegged his ass; Double G!"

by stevenjohnson April 27, 2009
A Double G is a GG... also known as a Gorgeous Genius. Someone who is beautiful and intelligent. Someone who is as brilliant as they are lovely.

Can apply to any person on any gender spectrum.
Kerry Washington continually impresses me with her double g status.
by awesome-everyday October 08, 2012
Double G's are two pieces of Gucci apparel typically worn by a gangsta.
'Bout ta go get crunk in the club, ladies gonna holla when I roll in with double g's.
by Rob-Rizzi August 22, 2008
Double G stands for Gangsta Greasers. They're the raddest people around. They have an undying love for the 80's and Emilio Estevez. Gangsta Greasers are only chosen by the creators themselves.
Michelle and Edith are thee double g's! They're the creators. They pwn everyone and anyone.
by shellyandshebaaredoublegs November 08, 2007
Extra Gay - as in He is Double G
Jason is Double G.
by Ted P. December 29, 2003
A homosexual person who likes to have sex with 2 instead of 1 of the same sex = double gay
A: You're a nice couple. May I join?
B: No, thx but I'm not into double g


A: Wanna gimme some double g?
B: I don't mind
C: Yeah let's do it
by woobledoo1978 February 11, 2005
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