1. Two dudes licking and fingering the same pussy 2. Two dicks in the same pussy
Jessica explodes during a double dipping!
by MOCO & P-Phat February 11, 2007
The act of banging a chick soon or immediately after another person has already inseminated inside of her, thus double dipping your "cone."
Alex was double dipping with his ex-girlfriend.
by dawghouse April 16, 2007
When you're out of fresh crisco, but desperately need to fist a guy, you're sometimes forced to use leftover lube from the previous anal excursion. This is known as double dipping.
Dude, Benny was totally double-dipping Paul on the couch, it was siiiiick
by M@yShitCakes January 23, 2007
1. Getting prescribed two medicines at the same time(two anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medications.) Happens to patients in mental hospitals who have very long stay periods. This is border line illegal and frowned upon. Often for those who have to deal with the extremely high dosages of these medications it causes a plethora of problems: lethargy, emotionless state, digestion problems, memory problems, etc.

2. The act of taking ecstacy with mushrooms. Could also mean any combination of hard drugs taken together or just using drugs.

3. Sexual act where one has sex both anally and vaginally. Also means sex with two people, hooking up with multiple girls behind their back, etc.
Aaron: hey what were they giving you when you were in there?
Jamie: I was on 6 pills of amoxipine and 2 pills of abilify a day. I told the doctors I didn't want to take any medicine everytime I talked to them but they never listened to me. I've done every hard drug before and none of them have fucked me up compared to what those meds did.
Aaron: Oh man you were double dipping. They're not supposed to do that.

fuck man last time I did shroomsI saw a little girl and put my dick in a fence then ran away for two days to hide from the cops and almost died.
The last time I got spun I decided to ditch my math class and jerk off in the bathroom. Someone heard me and I had to stay in there for 9 hours to wait for the group of people to stop waiting for me to come out so they could make fun of me. After a while I started hearing voices. Or was it the voices the whole time?
Man I gotta quit doing hard drugs they are making me schizophrenic
by jehovah1 August 31, 2011
when a girl gets 2 dicks in her vagina simultaneously
Those faggots Josh and Andrew were double dipping in Liz last night, I think they just want an excuse to have there dicks rubbing together.
by chizzledizzle January 26, 2009
When two guys simultaneously put their balls on another persons face; specifically, one pair goes over both the eyes, the other pair going in the mouth- IE: 1x arabian goggles and 1x teabag.
Guy 1: Mal was so wasted last night, I can't believe I put my balls in his eyes!
Guy 2: No way! I put mine in his mouth!
Guy 1: Hell yeah, motherfucker, thats double dipping!
by inthevalley_omalley March 18, 2010
The act of making out with a girl or guy then giving or receiving a blowjob, head, or any other form of oral sex, then immediately thereafter making out with the same girl or guy.

Not to be confused with snowballing, where the girl transfers cum into the guys mouth after a blowjob.

Double dipping includes but is not limited to heterosexual couples, homosexual couples, bestiality (human and animal) etc.
Markus: Whoa Sheela! You just swallowed my cum. I would not enjoy making out with you until you brush your teeth thoroughly.

Sheela: But I love guys who don't mind double dipping!

Markus: Well, I'll think about it. In the mean time go brush your teeth...
...But not with my toothbrush!!!
by Adam Levy February 23, 2008

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