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When 2 people each put one cheek on a toilet seat and simultaneously poop. Two people, one toilet.
Joann and Kain did a double deuce together this morning.
by poopygirl69 November 06, 2011
The rare occurrence of winning both Koehler's and Epps' FFL leagues.
Koehler was the first to ever accomplish the elusive Double Deuce in 2005.
by NYkid420 December 27, 2009
When a man has to take a shit, taking up the toilet stall, and another man has to go so bad that, forgoing his heterosexuality, he sits on the other man's lap and takes a shit between his legs.

A dirty double deuce is when both guys have diarrhea and the first guy's dick is covered in shit after.
This guy totally took a shit in my lap while I was taking a shit.

Awwww snapdragon, you got double deuced.
by Shitty_Ballz January 13, 2012
Huge 12k person max tournament on Full Tilt poker with a 200k prize pool. First place is usually around 35k , buy in is 22 dollars.

"Just bring 22 dollars and a dream."

I busted out of the double deuce 8654th, I am such a donkey.
by Sibe February 15, 2009
A .22 LR bullet. Very accurate, but lacks a lot of power.
Man, you ain't tryin' to kill that guy wit' a double deuce! It's impossible!
by Acoyani Garrido Sandoval June 16, 2005
First Defintion: When someone wears underwear and then turns them inside out and wears them the next day.

Second Definition: Imagine one sitting taking a shit, he thinks he's done, reaches for the toilet paper and then has another full shitting session. A double deuce!
"Why is there a skidmark on the outside of your panties?" You double deucer!

"Sorry it took so long, I had a double deuce."

by LSZ,SJZ,JSS March 24, 2006
Eating cake with only the middle and pointer fingers of each hand. Considerered very uncouth at parties if you deuce straight from the cake plate.
Double deucing contests can be held between friends, to see who can deuce their cake first (doubly, of course).
Dude, I can't believe you just double deuced that cake. I was gonna cut myself a piece of that.
by outofcontexts April 16, 2006