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Addis Abeba the capital city of Ethiopia
i m rollin in Double A
by et's favourite boyyyyyy April 20, 2005
the double "A" stands for 'anonymous asian.' AKA those asians in the back of the classroom that speak to themselves in their own language and are disassociated from society.
Those doublea's over there don't interact with anybody.
by lee sister's March 01, 2006
An Angry Asian. Typically enraged by current circumstance. They might claim to have a gun. Usually drive Nissan Altima and work in white corporate America.
White Guy: Damn Double A. I beat you at disc golf again.

Asian Guy: Whatever cracker, I got a gun and we can handle this.
by Quicksilver whored me June 11, 2009
Double A (AA) also known as Amateur Anna...She enjoys cuddling close and holding hands on dirt brown couches under "love blankets" Then when one goes to make a move...Awkwardness Kicks in!!!!
Yo man i had Double A over last night and it resulted in an awkwardly silent 20 minute drive home...
by EEEK!! February 10, 2005
Part of the two man urban music duo - Double A and Kid Hasselhoff. They were allegedly going to make the "Worst Album Ever. Featuring the Musical Stylings of Cheddar Breaks." The album never came to be or still hasn't been released to the public at least - thank goodness.
Double A. 'nuff said.
by _AA September 07, 2006
the most sexiest mofos alive but are total assholes.
used to refer to a person that has the intials of two a's
preson 2:whats that guys's name
person 1:His names is Aaron Arlen
person 2:Hey its a Double A!
by Jessekka March 31, 2006

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