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One who tries to ignite conversation again after sending a conversation ender to another who does not respond. Annoying.
Alysha: Lol
Riley: *No responce*

Minutes later,

Alysha: So what's up?
Riley: 0_o

by Haley Millah January 29, 2010
Someone who texts you once, then, for whatever reason when you don't text back they feel the need to text you again. Possibly on the same topic but usually consists of a sad face and a question conscerning your friendship (usually sarcastic). This has the potential to make you resent someone.
"Hey what's going on homie?"

No text back

":( Or just don't reply. I thought we were friends?!?"

"Why are you such a double texter noob? It really pisses me off...I was doing laundry I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO RESPOND!!!"
by S N double O P D O double G April 14, 2009

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