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Double R is an indian-fijian based rapped duo out of Da Bay Area, Caliscrillya. Consists of two indo-fijian cats, Ra and Ron(therefore Double R). They blew up in da Yay Area with their hit 'Step Ya Game Up' and have released several other club bangers including a mixtape.
(Ex 1): I friggin' love Double R aka Da Phenomenon
(Ex 2):
Nadia & Brianna: Heyy, we just went to the show with Double R and Mistah F.A.B!!!!
Krystle: Really?!!!, ur so lucky. Double R, they're hella fiiine.
Nadia: They're even finer in person!, we actually went to the afterparty and got to talk to them!!!
Brianna: Hey Nadi, who was that girl that was with Ra the whole time? Was that his gf?
Nadia: Fuuuck, I HOPE NOT!
by YadadaBOOBOO July 06, 2006
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