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The most profound blowjob ever, resulting in the male cumming twice. Once in the females mouth and once down her throat. This signature move must be performed by an expert with little to no gag reflex as coughing and choking may occur on the second load. Those with stronger gag reflexes may choose to paint their face with the second shot.
Dude, my girl hooked me up with the most wicked "Double Nut Hummer" today!

You are so lucky man, I wish I had a girl that could make me nut twice in one blowjob.
by lrhski January 14, 2012
When a female inserts the entire ball sack into her mouth and then starts to hum.
I can't believe it, she put both my balls in her mouth and gave me a " double nut hummer."
by AlphabetSoupSki January 08, 2012
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