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When someone is such a complete stupid waste of space and oxygen that while trying to help you they, through complete incompetence, royally screw you over.
A: Hey, Evan, can I have a ride to look at a car?

E: Anything for you Andrea.

N: You guys aren't going to look at a car at night are you?

E: Yes we are, and this is totally not a bad idea.

N: I want no part of this.

E: Dude, this car is totally a good buy, and has not been flooded, or had the odometer rolled back, or anything else weird going on with it. We should not look at the carfax or have a mechanic look at it first and should buy it right now. I am good at reading people, and we should buy this right now, with no possible recourse, and without looking at it in sunlight.

A: Um, ok Evan if you say so.

J: Wow, so she bought the car? Holy crap that was totally a Double Jew Prius Screw! Man I hate that guy Evan! What a dirty little fucker!
by ppoo383 December 19, 2012
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