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Since a bogey is a single cigarette a double bogey usually means chain smoking or smoking 2 cigarettes in a short amount of time but it can also be used to describe a 100's version of a cigarette, a blunt/joint or a cigar. Double bogey is almost never used to reference pipe-based smoking things like bongs or hookah.
That last customer really seemed like she had PMS. I could really use a double bogey right now.
by Sid Barrett July 07, 2010

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A crappy golf score (2 over par), but a good old-school movie night.
I would've shot par, but I hit the bunker and Double Bogeyed. Speaking of Double Bogeying, you should come on over and we'll watch: "The Maltese Facon" and "The Treasure of the Sierra Madres."
by King T April 24, 2010
A double bogey could be a golf term, but it is also a girl that is ass ugly, that should not even be a rebound chick. Good for defecation, or Cleveland steam rolling.
A double bogey is a girl you brown bag, but worse.
by powpow1310 February 22, 2010