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When having intercourse with a female, doggie style, the male flaps his arms, caws vigorously in a bird-like fashion, proceeds to break hand flap and deliver single hand strike to right buttock, followed by equivocal strike to left buttock. Upon completion, male disengages, announcing "DOUBLE BIRD STRIKE!" Shortly thereafter, male climaxes upon the female's posterior, exclaiming "SPLASH DOWN."
"Dude, I double bird struck the shit out of that chick..."

Double Bird Strike
by doublebirdstrike1 January 23, 2009

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Aviation term for when a bird flies into two engines of a jet plane, or else, when two birds fly into one engine.
Passengers landed safely on the Hudson on January 15, 2009, despite the fact that there was a double bird strike on the airplane
by Judge Learned Hand January 15, 2009