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When a girl gives simultaneous handjobs to two guys.
{Man says to neighbor boy} Hey, you interested in having my wife go double barreling on us? Boy asked, whats that? The man makes jerk-off motions with both hands. Boy smiles and high fives man.
by Twatter August 14, 2012
The unfortunate event, usually due to food poisoning, of vomiting and having explosive diarrhea at the same time.
Several hours after our date at the Chinese restaurant, my wife and I got food poisoning and were double barreling all night long.
by JohnnyK30 December 22, 2015
Smoking two joints or two blunts at once.
Duuude! He's double barreling those joints! I hope he could take it
by readdasein March 05, 2015

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