Master of outwitting the squirrels, by wrapping on a window so that they fall from her birdfeeder into the pond below, Dottie is a being unmatched. She sits at the dining room table all day long with her saggy tits, smoking her cigarettes one by one, even though they told her she is sure to die, because she nearly did several years ago, and then again started smoking. She also tends to watch her 13-inch black and white television set even though she has a 32 inch color one in the living room, not to mention her son's humungous wang of well over (can't even be calculated right now, as he's currently sitting on it) the two tv's inches combined!
The rest of the Dottie definitions are without a doubt, absolutely wrong! Dottie, although she is hot, is not the hottest Dorothy alive! Just ask Toto after she lifted her skirt whilst singing "Over The Rainbow" and provided him with some red rocket treatment!
Top Definition

Special People. These people should walk around with bubble wrap and knee pads, and should use caution around doors and snowy roofs. Can, and will, make a huge fool of themselves daily and doesn't really care because that is their reason for being here. But all being said a Much nicer than most people deserve, and the best friend that anyone could ever have. Will do anything for you and will do it with a smile.
Dottie, Sigh

She did what? Typical Dottie
by VTtoME February 16, 2009
the most beautiful, honest, and trustworthy girl on the planet earth..
whoa, Dottie is like the bestest friend ever
by Jenny June 27, 2004
the hottest girl ever who has an amazing sex appeal and ability to make men want her
last night, dottie totally got me hard, just by looking at her, it was amazing..i want her so badly
by Clay June 27, 2004
A wonderful man,met over the internet, incredibly flirtatious and charming, who will capture your heart.
Unfortunately the situation will always end in heartbreak as a 'Dottie' is always married....
girl #1 "whos yer new EP friend Charlie?"
girl # 2 "oooooh, Its just ma Dottie"
*looks lovingly*
girl # 1 "whos that woman holding his hand tho Charlie?"
girl # 2 "must be his wife........"
by CharlieUniform August 04, 2011
A Dottie is a highly annoying weirdo with a habit of saying scrub or scrublord
My friend Guillermo is a Dottie.
by likesthedude July 31, 2015
An extremely hot girl.
Some people believe that the Indian bindi or tikka (red dot on the forehead) makes one hot. Therefore, hotties wear dots, and are dotties.
"That girl with the dot is such a dottie."
by Carlo June 29, 2004
A fine ass chick who is an often a a slut and a whore. She will sleep with about any guy, if he is hot. She doesn't want a relationship, she wants a one-night stand. Have fun with that slut...
"Oh mt god, loook the school slut, Dottie."
by x2r7 February 27, 2015
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