A do*tard is doe-doe head SLASH retard
You are such a dotard!
by Angel May 03, 2004
Top Definition
Somebody who is hopelessly addicted to the Warcraft map, DoTA
DotArd: lo0l, lieK do YoU waNT tO iS paLy dOOta wid MeH??/
Normal Guy: Go away, DotArd.
by Random Dude Person June 26, 2008
When you are in the midst of your "dotage" meaning that you are in the midst of your mental decline. i.e. you're in the process of becoming a fucking idiot.
Hey Cara, have you noticed that Piper is becoming a bit of a dotard since he starting doing all that meth?
by cum bubbler November 04, 2005
A wild mammal roaming the halls of East Chapel Hill High School. the dotard is said to be extremely dangerous up close. if you make sudden movements he/she may begin to run at you. once a dotard begins running he DOES NOT STOP RUNNING! it is also useful to know that dotards (known for their rounded physicality) will roll if pushed... this caused the origin of the much loved sport of "dotard pushing" usually executed between class periods. dotards generally wear noticeable amounts of red.(pronounced Dough-tard)
the wild dotard, having much trouble attracting a mate, is approaching extinction.
by dotologist April 14, 2009
Weak-minded old person.
1. Our new teacher is a total dotard, she just lets us walk out of the class at any time.

2. Living near an old people's home means I get to see dotards all the time. Yay.....
by ZangyTangy4 December 20, 2010
A Simpleton. Idiot.
Dont Do That You Dotard!
by All Hail The Monkey Man October 14, 2003
An idiot, simpleton president who can't take his eyes off the teleprompter.
George "Dubya" Bush
by lycosagain April 07, 2004
A player of the online Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients who is so grievously awful as to seem mentally handicapped. Often, this person will rush out on his own to fight 3 highly leveled enemies by himself, then ask for help when he is being ripped to shreds.
"Dude, that is the single most DotArded thing I've ever seen."
by CommodoreP November 08, 2009
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