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The illest band on the planet making everyone want to get crunk. From the bitches in the club to the hobos drinking 40 oz. in the alley. When you hear dot dot curve:) you just want to hollar. The group includes spanky and newly added jayreck and jspizzy.

They just got signed to standby records/hot topic.

If you dont like dot dot curve:) you should eat shit and die!

Their celeberties baby:]
"Whats that song that goes omg its like when they see me all they see is my freakish hair..."

"Duh nigguh its rocketshiptothemoon by dot dot curve:)"
by Chantel Cliche March 06, 2009
this group consists of spanky and jayreck. they have amazing crunk music and listening on your ipod is deff gonna make you want to go crazy. but dont ever go to their concerts!! they are assholes and ignore everyone. all they care about is ripping people off for money!! they did a raffle and only would do it if they got more money than what the shirt cost. if you do go dont bother yelling one more because they'll stop and say do you guys know how tiring it is up here after only doing 2 songs. sometimes they might not even come to your concert because they are busy being lazy at a hotel after calling breathe electric homos and lying that breathe electric made them not come. even workers at the club say they wont make it far. not a good job on their tours. but i'll continue listening but only songs from limewire wink wink curve curve.
girl1: hey did you see dot dot curve:)?
girl2: yeahh they were horrible such assholes.
girl1: well they still were hot though right?
girl2: ehhhhh no they are better on myspace
girl1: ohh
girl2: ohh well lets get crunk blasting them on our ipods!
by SaychelleSeduction October 24, 2009
An awesomely amazingly "ninjalicious" band that's still not very well known. They have hiphop beats, "crunk" lyrics, and plenty of screaming!!!

Considered to be: Electronica/Hiphop/Screamo/Crunk
Dot Dot Curve :) is possibly one of the best bands in the entire universe!!!
by Christyisaninja!!! October 31, 2008
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