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It's the short word for: Dumb and Hhorny
Dorny was created by a Fagjana, but is now stolen by Vinthu
Dorny's are usually males but sometimes can be applied to a few females
Dorny is the opposite for Smorny ( smart and horny).
Sanjana: blah blah blah blah blah
Joshua ( in his thoughts): I wish she'd shutup! damn she's soo dumb
Sanjana: so yeahh butts asss i luv getting teabagged
Joshua ( in his thoughts): wow she's horny too -_-
Sanjana: blah blah balh
Joshua ( back to reality): k you talk to much, shut up and brush your teeth !
Sanjana: your soo mean :(
Joshua: your so dumb and hornyy
Sanjana: dumb and horny?
Joshua: yes dumb and horny
Sanjana: dorny !
Joshua: what?
Sanjana: dumb and horny .. DORNY
Joshua: ohhhh
Sanjana: hehe
Joshua: WOW your stupid k your a dorny BYE !
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by vinthulanawawawa May 21, 2011
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