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An akward non social being often compared to a nerd, geek, dweeb, or a zip disk, also looks like a dinosaur or eats like one. Also considered a loner but in reality he could hang in any dinosaur or nerd crowd going unnoticed for up to 2 hours.
Boy 1: Dave your such a dorkasauras!

Dave: I'm sorry I am not up to your standards but dorkasaurus is hardly an insult at all.

Boy 2: I wish I was a dorkasaurus!!

Dave: Sit down, you'll never be that cool!

Boy 1: I don't get it...
by Dbrody February 07, 2010
130 12
Someone who is such a dork, that their presence as a dork is almost as overwhelming as a dinosaur, and that this person will be a cutie, and will make you laugh or at least smile multiple time's when around this individual, they are one of a kind person, and a rare individual!
Heiwa: Look up, so nothing else in life can bring you down

Andrew: Your such a dorkasaurus :)
by Kirrah July 14, 2010
24 8
1. A dork that is large in scope.

2. Being a dork as big as a brontosaurus

3. A dinosaur that wears glasses, has a pocket protector, and is a dork.
Liz is such a dork a saurus. If Justin Timberlake could bring sexy back, you can bring dork a saurus back.
by snuggs224 February 17, 2010
8 4
1. a person that is a really big dork.

2.It is also used within the scene population as a compliment.

3. A word used for a person that believes "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur".
You're a dorkasaurus.
by thr mighty monkey October 04, 2009
19 34