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A dork is the lowest member of the social food chain. Dorks have little if any friends, and always act in bizzare manners such as purposfully acting retarded or spastic.
If someone picks their nose and eats the snots, or farts and laughs at it, the individual is truly a dork.
by The Zebu November 20, 2003
17 75
1.(n) a derogatory term of affection used to address a friend or acquaintance who you think is being silly.
Cassandra started to mumble frequently so she was given a Red Swingline stapler and put her in the room with the rest of the company dorks.

Being a dork is a qualification for the tri-delta sorority.
by Tom March 04, 2004
453 545
male's who participate in male to male sexual activity. That includes males who doubly penetrate a female's hole at the same time. also see dorking.
Ralph and Jack dorked Jill in her hoo-ha at the same time. This would not be the first time Ralph's and Jack's peckers would touch.
by jOhn January 05, 2005
17 131
dork to me means a good kisser
My boyfriend david is such a dork
by Alicia Berry May 14, 2004
18 154