people who aree often picked on by preps. dorks are much smarter than preps. they often look at preps like insignificant dumbass's.
dorks are cool.
by Joshua Tapp January 16, 2004
People who are sitting at their computer doing a paper that is due tomorrow at 4pm...paper
My roommate is the biggest dork...but one of the loyalist of friends and i'm gonna miss her next semester!
by LJP October 30, 2005
A person capable of a full range of normal human social interaction but secretly harboring the desire to become a Dwarf and spend his/her life in the pursuit of the Dragon who stole his/her magical ale flaggon.
My roommates seemed totally normal until I came home from work early one day and caught them playing Dungeons & Dragons on the kitchen table. Who would have guessed they were DORKS?
by IRONSWORD1 November 24, 2004
When certain girls say this, they actually mean that you are an amazing stud.
A.J. you are such a dork...I want you hardcore right now.
by thesweetestdude April 16, 2006
a geek without the money, passion, intelgence, pride, and true knowledge yet still withdrawn, obessive and all the stuff geeks are tring to escape.
Jordan is a total dork, lack I not.
by andy November 18, 2003
a complete and total weirdly obsessive creature who is not funny.
Tony Rousmaniere is the epitomy of the word dork.
by sister December 03, 2004
a dork is someone that people consider to be:
a. nerdy
b. smart
c. unattractive
"You got an A on that test, gosh you're such a dork!"
by Amanda P. May 19, 2004
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