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1:When someone is being extremely dopy. To the point where u feel they are acting as if they are 5. 2:someone is so cute they take on the form of this human like animal
"oo my girl friend was being such a dope-a-lope." or "oo man she was so cute and dopy, kind like at dope-a-lope , so beautiful."
by BFD212 January 29, 2009
When high on any drug an animal seems to be made of any and all drugs. Also the way a person trips balls
Dude mark is sending it with a dope-a-lope.
by ky compton September 01, 2010
Dopealope is an antelope, which refers to many even-toed ungulate species found all over the world, that is made of dope or drugs.
This dopealope is made entirely of herion.
by SkateJackson May 29, 2011

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