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The official Definition of a Doozart is an orand mechanical penis.

Different Forms
You may Have seen different forms of Doozart including dooz and doozy. Dooz originated from Doozart and is usually used to make fun of a person or object.

Doozart can date back to the early Greeks. King Nick III said in his diary "The Spartan soldiers acted like a bunch of doozarts out on the battlefield". The Roman Emporer Mike VII said " I hope our stong city raises smart and strong people rather then Doozarts". Sir Hoover the wise said " They can just get ot of here there all just a bunch of doozarts." The ancient eygeptians put many doozarts in their scrips for plays. Doozarts were also popular in the 1700's to throw at the enemy in battle to gross them out. During world War II they Dropped diseased doozarts over the enemy to start an epidemic in their country.

Usage today
Today usaully kids and teenagers say doozart or dooz to make fun of one another. The strongest usage of doozart is in Catonsville, MD.

Words that come from doozart
Duesenberg is a early car that comes from the word doozart.

Doozart can be used as a noun, Example: Get that doozart out of my face.
Doozart can be used as a verb, Example: I doozed around with Sally last night.
Doozart can be used as an Adjective, Example: I don't give a rats dooz.
by Rocky Ruff May 11, 2008
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