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- an indian person. (see Indian)
"you fucking dooners are taking over the world!"
by CryoStaticX April 16, 2010
7 25
A person who is a member of the Leeds United discussion forum,
Toilet: I love all dooners.
Texas: wtf man, even Dev?
Toilet: Dev is class.
by DoonerUnknown January 05, 2014
1 1
a wild and crazy experience that you cannot remember hours or days later
that was such a dooner night
by paula April 25, 2004
24 26
An uncool stoner
Someone who gets high alone, doesnt shower typically found in Government Camp Oregon
Wow, look at that dooner down the road in his gross, smelly flannel.
by BUCKaneerCT July 18, 2010
18 22
when someone says that they are going to do something, and then pull out ( don't do it)
i can't believe you Doonered us last night kevin!
by November 14, 2008
14 27