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1.) A name that is not commonly used on the internet. More specifically, used by immature kids by the name "Sam" who do nothing but spam forums with "lol" or other useless shit.

2.) A team of retard commando's ordered by some rich asshole to infiltrate an infected building and they are knowingly walking into a death trap. They don't care if they die, the money is good.

3.) A person who constantly dreams of DOOM and wishes he was a soldier to help with the cause.
Robin: Hey man, check out this program I made in VB6. It calculates how much carbon is in your house.

Matt: Wtf Robin? You knew I was doing this. FUCK IT I AM LEAVING THESE BOARDS. DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

Doomteam1: lol

*1 week later*

Matt: Im back.

Ryan: Heres admin. Welcome back Matt.

Doomteam1: lol


Boss: Hey, there was a building full of aliens and mutant things underground over in Lolican City. I want you guys to go clean the place out. You will each get $20 bucks in advance.

Doomteam Member 1: Yey!

Doomteam Member 2: What're we waitin' on? Shoot, lets kill these sons a bitches.

Doomteam Member 3: Wait.. Wait. $20 bucks? I can pay off my debt!

Doomteam Member 4: I already prepared my 9mm. Lets do this.

Boss: This mission is 98% confirmed you wont come back.

Doomteam Member 2: Ah shoot.. Well, I need the money so lets do this!


Boy: Man I just had a dream I was in DOOM killing monsters with The Rock!

Dad: Why don't you go join the Doomteam?
by Master Bashion October 24, 2009
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