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when something is super terrible or something is going terribly wrong it is 'DOOMP!'
Craig- Did you see that film last night, Jack?
Jack- Yeah it was Doomp!
by Happyhippo July 02, 2006
A bowel movement, i.e., a "dump", in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.
The Scotsman took a doomp.

"I just unveigled meself of a giant doomp, I did," said the Irishman to the Welsh.
by NiraMillson March 13, 2009
A Digital-optical output mounted proxy.
Scientist: But first you need to take a DOOMP.
Cyborg Ninja: I... Wait, what?
Scientist: A DOOMP? A digital-optical output mounted proxy. You'll need one to interface with the terminal.
by Doktor 1.40 May 13, 2013
(variation of Dump) A violent odoured defecation leaving the next occupant of the lavatory in near asphyxiation or nauseous state
Ex1: "Oh man, I just went into the bathroom and someone took a total DOOMP in there, I'll just piss outside"

Ex2: "Buddy I totally just doomped the fuck outta the shitter here man, keep an eye out for the face of the next guy comin out."
by theGRUESOME January 30, 2009