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Being totally Awesome!
Whoa, do you know that Lea Doom girl? She is totally awesome!
by HOLLAD00M September 07, 2008
The act of killing a joke or saying something really creepy.
"loud like when i raped your mom last night."

"dude you just doomed it up big time."

by cbell May 11, 2008
A sinister Threat. meant to express a primal need to bring harm to another.
Doom, fool.

Doom to you
by Dashe Ramsey October 13, 2005
See Final Fantasy X for PS2.
One of Kimahri's many overdrives obtained with Lancet.
Counts down to enemies doom.
--BOSS: Seymour Flux--
Kimahri: Save some for Kimahri!
Auron: Why? You're the weakest person in the game...
Kimahri: Kimahri has Doom!
Lulu: Wtf does Doom do?
Kimahri: Doom counts down to the enemies Doom!
by Machina immune to DEATH August 03, 2008
A dumb blond. A blond that is dumb. Someone of little or no intelligence. Someone who needs everything to be explained to them through diagrams. A person that doesn't understand the majority of jokes, therefore not finding them funny.
Chieu is so dooms. She keeps biting me and trying to get jiggy with a plastic deer.
by i.l. December 07, 2007
can be used as a verb, noun (proper or improper), adjective, or adverb. Encompassing any meaning that is desired.
verb: I am going to do0m on your parade!

noun (proper): Hey do0m, could you pass me my sketchbook?

noun(improper): Here, you wanna hit this do0m?

adjective: The goths here are so do0my.

adverb: You are so do0mingly cute!
by pam/smashing pandora July 29, 2005
1 - a word associated with Jhonen Vasquez; he uses it a lot in his creations, such as Invader ZIM and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JTHM).

2 - a subgenre of heavy metal. See Doom Metal.
Invader ZIM: Dooooooooom!

Dude, Black Sabbath started doom.
by Kanadarius March 14, 2004