Being totally Awesome!
Whoa, do you know that Lea Doom girl? She is totally awesome!
by HOLLAD00M September 07, 2008
The act of killing a joke or saying something really creepy.
"loud like when i raped your mom last night."

"dude you just doomed it up big time."

by cbell May 11, 2008
A sinister Threat. meant to express a primal need to bring harm to another.
Doom, fool.

Doom to you
by Dashe Ramsey October 13, 2005
See Final Fantasy X for PS2.
One of Kimahri's many overdrives obtained with Lancet.
Counts down to enemies doom.
--BOSS: Seymour Flux--
Kimahri: Save some for Kimahri!
Auron: Why? You're the weakest person in the game...
Kimahri: Kimahri has Doom!
Lulu: Wtf does Doom do?
Kimahri: Doom counts down to the enemies Doom!
by Machina immune to DEATH August 03, 2008
can be used as a verb, noun (proper or improper), adjective, or adverb. Encompassing any meaning that is desired.
verb: I am going to do0m on your parade!

noun (proper): Hey do0m, could you pass me my sketchbook?

noun(improper): Here, you wanna hit this do0m?

adjective: The goths here are so do0my.

adverb: You are so do0mingly cute!
by pam/smashing pandora July 29, 2005
1 - a word associated with Jhonen Vasquez; he uses it a lot in his creations, such as Invader ZIM and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JTHM).

2 - a subgenre of heavy metal. See Doom Metal.
Invader ZIM: Dooooooooom!

Dude, Black Sabbath started doom.
by Kanadarius March 14, 2004
n. a bowel movement that threatens to be exceptionally disgusting. Usually stated before the act, implying that anyone entering the bathroom after the movement will surely meet their "doom".

v. to doom or go doom. To have a crap, shit.
"Hey man, stay out of the bathroom for a while. I just took a wicked doom."


"Is it okay if I go doom in your bathroom?"

by EvilO May 26, 2008

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