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As a noun- Any device created or modified for the purpose of shooting feces in a flat non parabolic trajectory. Examples being an air cannon, potato gun, or spring loaded piston driven cannon. This does not include catapult type devices.

As a verb- Any act of defecation that results in airborne feces that makes a distance from the rectal opening of 2 feet or greater. Can also refer to any act of defecation that results in a spraying splattering effect with the end result necessitating a major clean up of the facilities.
As a noun- After Mike broke my sisters heart by cheating on her, me and my 4 brothers each blasted him with our air powered DookZookas. We left him as a crap covered stinking heap in the middle of the park.

As a Verb- Susan should not have eaten Thai food before the nature hike. After 2 hours of holding her gas bloated bowels she suddenly darted off the path into the woods, pulled down her pants, bent over, and blasted a DookZooka all over the nearby trees.
by Lord Dreagen February 07, 2010
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