Doodi is a childish way of referring to a Penis.
"Ewww, He has a doodi"
by lolollololol October 29, 2007
Top Definition
A doodis is the coolest dance ever created. To doodis properly, one must first hear a sick beat, yell "Let's DOODIS!", walk forward with jazz hands in a seizure style, drop down and move your hands under and then out from under the legs, then bring it back up, slow, to the beat, waving arms side to side, and then smacking a round of fives to all of those who were cool enough to participate.
Gabe: "Hey, is that Gin and Juice I hear?"
Jeremy: "Yea, you know what time it is...."
Jeremy and Gabe: "LET'S DOODIS!"
Ladies (afterwards): "You two are soooo hot!"
by Boom Kyang April 15, 2011
Childish word for Penis
"Oh My God, John has a doodi!"
by x_Bunny October 28, 2007
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