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A kick ass guy with an amazing personality. He's an incredible guy who will stop at nothing to make you feel like you are special. His compliments are corny but they always make you feel like you are one of a kind. Dontae is a loyal, and faithful person. He falls in love very easily but his feelings are always genuine and from the heart. He is an amazing person to have in your life.
Dontae is such an amazing guy.
by Obitouchihs December 08, 2012
He is loved by all his mates and is there for everyone who has problems and is a great listener.
That must be a Dontae
He is such a dream!
by NuttGobbler July 29, 2011
A Dontae is a great friend who is always there for you, even when you don't need him to be. A Donate is a kind, caring, compassionate and funny as hell. You feeling down? Talk to Dontae! You have a really bad joke? Talk to Dontae! You need a friend who is just simply perfect in every way? You get it, talk to Dontae! He'll use words like "chode" and "chomo" often even though he knows you have no idea what that means. You can really be yourself around him because you know he won't judge you, because he's just as weird as you are, if not weirder. You can tell him things like "I want to be a dragon" and he'll totally understand because dragons are the shit, man. He doesn't understand why you have to sleep so much because he's secretly a vampire or some shit. A Dontae is a name that describes an overall amazing person that you'll want to have in your life forever.
Some girl: "My friend is such a Dontae, he's just *sigh* amazing"
Some other girl: "IKR, I wish I had a friend like that!"
by Mesonoxian July 15, 2014
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