Someone who's always hogging the limelight, sticking his or her big bloody enamalled teeth in the blimming shot, wasting time, getting me annoyed. Muppet!

Can also be shortened to a "Donny"
It's my go on guitar hero you bloody donny.

Every time I turn on my television that bloody artic monkey shagger Alexa Chung and her droopy indie self is hogging my pixels and I aint got 1080p mate, she's such a donny osmond but I would do her.
by Miloflembo May 25, 2008
Top Definition
Another word for love or adore
ex: I Donny Osmond Donny Osmond!

Who do you Donny Osmond?

How much do you Donny Osmond that guy?
by harrypotteristhebestest January 20, 2010
Popular singer, also part of the family group The Osmonds or Osmond Brothers. Part of a duo with his sister Marie as Donny and Marie. Check out his CD called THIS IS THE MOMENT to hear music that will surprise you if you have never been a fan, amaze you if you were a fan "back in the day".
Donny Osmond is not the person most think he is.
by BeckyMarie2 June 14, 2008
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