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A pervert or pedifile that steals ones girlfriend by sweet talking. But then turns out to be a player.
Boy 2: Quit being such a Donnavan.
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Mistaken to be a player and a cheater because he's very handsome, confident, popular, big, tall and usually seen around pretty young ladies who are just friends.
Boy 1: man, i see that guy with different girls
Boy 2: He must be a player and maybe he has a Girlfriend who is cheating on hahaha
Boy 1 : Maybe your right but what if he's not?
Boy 3: Then that's what you call a "Donnavan", what we boys admire and what them girls desire
Boy 1 & 2: OHHHHHHHH.... aight
Boy 2: Yeah i get called a Donnavan now and then haha
by >>Loyalty<< September 20, 2016
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