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doing doggie style sex and right before you reaching orgasm you sock the girl in the back of the head so her asshole tightens on ur dick.

wow Example:
by bob December 10, 2003
This is when you are having doggy style sex and just as you're about to blow your load you punch your mounted women in the back of the head causing vaginal constriction and maximum orgasmic pleasure. But be ware that you may knock her unconscious if you strike her too hard.
I was hosing my girlfriend last night when I gave her a donky punch in the back of the head. I K.O.ed her but man was it worth it!
by Crazy Doc J August 17, 2006
When you are doing a chick doggy-style and you want to stick it in her ass bot she wont let you, so you punch her in the back of the head and stick it in anyway.
Chicks love it!
I was stickin it in this chick last night, and i donky-punched her!!!
by Wiggy December 02, 2004
While in the doggy style position, before you are ready to ejaculate, you spit on her back, making her think you are done. When she then turns around you punch her in the face.
Thinking John was finished, Amanda turned around and recieved a donky punch.
by Jordanxx88 October 06, 2006
Two parts Vodka, two parts Sangria, six oranges, sliced, one Donkey.
'Sup, Nick? Dis Donkey Punch gotta Mule kick to it!
by Master Cylinder December 15, 2003
Donky Punch originates from, sex with a cheap slut.

This happpens when you get the slut from the back, and front her into a corner. While you are pounding the shit out of her, you pull her hair and punch her in the face as you blow your wad in her ass.
last nite i did your old lady, look at her phat lip. ps. sluts like it
by Brian Bailey AKA SUPERMAN April 21, 2004
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