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A person who is so ugly you would rather kiss a donkey's asshole than her face. also the the complete opposite of a Frances
#1: What a donkeyface, she's just like a Frances.

#2: No thats totally what a donkeyface is not yo.

#1: Oh...

by Monkeybarn January 04, 2009
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donkey face-v.-The act of making horrific, goofy, or twisted facial expressions in order to ruin a picture being taken. Are especially effective in serious photographs with complete strangers who are totally unaware of your presence. Can also be used to show disapproval for an act of utter idiocy and/or ignorance.
Man, did you see Swift donkey face that group of ugly girls?

Wow, that Asian woman's driving calls for a major donkey face.
by ChandlerSwift August 12, 2006

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