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adj. Dreadful beyond the definition of any synonymous word. Literally the worst possible possible adjective that could applied to something. Coined by Darach McGarrigle of, it will be appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013.
The web video "I'm on a Couch" is absolutely dongtacular!
by Erk Da Clerk May 27, 2009
(1) A spectacle as awesome to a man as his own array of genitalia.

(2) (Used ironically) Something so bad, one cannot define its terribleness in any other way.
(1) Dude! What do you mean you haven't seen The Godfather?! That movie is dongtacular!

(2) Dude! What do you mean you haven't seen Snakes on a Plane?! That movie is dongtacular!
by DdlyHeadshot October 30, 2009
1)the act of doing something amazing with a penis, 2) gay sex when both penis' are inserted into the others asshole.
for def. 1:
Taits leap across the grandcanyon was dongtacular

for def. 2
Neil "dude, let me get my dick inside you"
Tait "ok, but i need mine in you too"
Neil "this is dongtacular sex"
by Mike Tilapia March 07, 2007
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