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One of extreme randomness. They tend to be quite attractive and they sometimes lose sight of it. Know for spats of vulgarity. A very sexual being who talks big, but doesn't deliver.
Person 1: Dude, I was hanging with this chick last night. She just got really freaky, but she never put out.

Person 2: Aww! You got a true Donglegoblin!!!
by erinums December 11, 2011
A Dongle-Goblin, also known as the USB Dongle-goblin, is a distant relative of the dodo bird. Refer to the Dongle-Goblin genocide of 1932.
"Jesus, that kid is as dumb as a bag of rocks"
"I know, he's a total Dongle-goblin"
by Mikepety December 10, 2007
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