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means "Eastern Sea" and is also the Chinese name of Super Junior's Lee Donghae (who is also VERY HOT)

A hot guy who tends to ask who's calling for him when he hears his name on the TV and it ends up being SJ's Donghae.

A guy with a perv mind but at the same time funny as hell and caring.
Keisha: DONGHAI!
Donghai: What?
Keisha: I LOVE YOU!
Donghai: :)
HeeRin and Eli: WE LOVE YOU TOO!
Donghai: :)
by haeitsheerin July 06, 2011
A sweet and caring person who always thinks of others before himself.

A person who gets used a lot because of their selflessness and kindness and deserves to be treated better.
Donghai: ----
Anon: ----

-I can't think of an example but it had to include the word Donghai-
by FluffyBunnyLover123 September 26, 2011
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