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A name that is a variation on the Irish root ‘Donald’. He is a guy that expects nothing from anyone and yet gives what he can to any person who gives him respect. He will not abandon his true friends and is a genius in his own right. Gain him as a friend and you will never be alone.
Person 1: Who is that guy? I just threw a drink at him because he stopped me from slapping my girlfriend.

Person 2: That is Donel and you are luck to be alive. Usually he would treat a person like you to an ironic death such as being slapped to death by Freddy Krueger.
by CountZero282 November 30, 2011
A middle aged man who sits at work looking up sexual moves on urban dictionary
-Is he actually working today?

-No, he is pulling a Donel.
by SpongeBob Square Pants July 06, 2008
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